Hjortron, jag älskar dig!

Cloudberry, I love you!

Idag åkte jag till IKEA för att köpa en kakform. Enligt ryktet är IKEA-varuhuset här i Beijing näst störst i världen efter det i Stockholm. Utanför kassorna har dom svensk sprit, svensk mat och svenskt godis. Jag såg en burk hjortronsylt och köpte direkt! Jag köpte även lingonsylt, knäckebröd, pepparkakor och fläderbärsaft. Jag blir nog tvungen att laga pannkakor för att få tillfälle att äta min hjortronsylt… jag älskar hjorton!

Chopstick pasta

Today I once again made pasta, with real pasta this time! A little bird whispered in my ear that you can actually eat pasta with chopsticks… I’m just writing to tell you all that it’s true, who would have thought?

Yes, that’s a knife and fork on the table. Yes Emil, the V-sign is just to spite you. No Carl, the ketchup is not just there to spite you.

I can’t believe it’s not pasta!

Since I have mid-term exams next week I need to spend a lot of time on elaborate cooking experiments instead of studying. In Sweden I often make pasta (spaghetti or macaroni) with some tasy sauce. Yesterday I accidentally made something resembling pasta sauce when I used a kind of tofu that disintegrated into small pieces much like the soy granulate I use in Sweden (which in turn imitates ground meat). Therefore, today I set out to make pasta!

Making the pasta sauce was simple enough, I used onion, garlic, tomato, disintegrating tofu, ketchup, pepper, bouillon and parsley. However, my local store doesn’t have any kind of pasta, so I ended up buying a type of noodles. After all, the ingredients and shape are the same… Actually, the Chinese really like to claim all kinds of inventions as Chinese, and pasta is no exception. Allegedly, Marco Polo saw noodles in China and brought back the concept to Italy. As of recently, however, we can all consult Wikipedia to learn that this is not true (if we understand English anyway). Nevertheless, using noodles as pasta kind of works.

Eat me!

Wikipedia accessible in China

My life online hasn’t been quite the same since I came to China because I haven’t been able to access Wikipedia. It seems that tonight, however, I can. The Wikipedia article on the issue claims that Wikipedia may have been accessible as early as October 10, but today is the first time I’ve had such luck. It doesn’t work completely reliably however… Also, it seems that only the English Wikipedia is affected, the Swedish and Chinese Wikipedia are still inaccessible. Still, it’s progress.

Long live Wikipedia! Wikipedia万岁!