Why do the models look so bored?

I’ve always though that models look bored, arrogant or even angry when they walk around on my TV screen. This seems to be the way they are supposed to look by some industry standard. There is a certain type of woman in the real world who also wears that look, and I’ve often wondered where it comes from. Even Google couldn’t tell me why, so I’ve come up with a hypothesis.

In Beijing I get stared at and talked about as soon as I step out of my door, much in the same way as I imagine attractive women would. (I’m just very tall, it’s not my superior looks that draw attention.) This is not something I suffer from, but at times it does get annoying. What I have noticed is that putting on a bored expression and a vacantly staring into the distance helps quite a bit to cope. It seems as though people look less, talk less and ask less questions. Most people don’t like self-absorbed, arrogant people, so if you look like one chances are they don’t want to acknowledge you.

© Peter Duhon

When these girls are in their early teens they probably think it’s pretty awesome that all the boys are looking at them all the time. But after a few years it gets old and even though they enjoy being desired they also just want to be left alone once in a while. That’s when they start focusing their eyes far in the distance and put on that bored look. Sure, it’s possible that some of the self-centered, arrogant, attractive girls you see really are self-centered and arrogant, but maybe some of them are simply tired of being stared at.

Disclaimer: This is just a hypothesis. I’m not the type of woman that gets looked at a lot (I’m not even a woman), so please don’t hold it against me if I’m wrong.

…well, this is quite an interresting turn, given that I proclaimed that this is not a fashion blog less than a year ago….

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  1. By the way she is very beautiful.

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