I’m sorry. Life is good!

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time. I’m sorry that I’ve written too much in Chinese. I’m sorry that I am in Beijing when all of my friends are not. I’m sorry that I’m not going to translate that article about me until I write my memoirs.

Since my last post I’ve been back to Sweden to get myself a new visa and was back in Beijing on August 15. Even though I still have one year of left on my computer science degree I am already doing my thesis project here at Opera Software‘s Beijing office. The topic may or not be secret and involves many things that I really enjoy doing. I should be done by January, because that’s when I’m going to continue my studies in Linköping.

Next week is a national holiday in China, at which time my angel/girlfriend is coming from Việt Nam to see me. I cannot imagine a better way to spend the week than roaming around Beijing, going to all the places we used to like. 太幸福了! What’s more, I’m going to visit her in Hà Nội (the capital of Việt Nam) in the first two weeks of January before going back to Sweden. Life is good!

Interview with me in Shanghai IT Times 2007-06-15