Wanna die?

One of the first Korean movies I saw was My Sassy Girl. I absolutely loved it and I even dare say that it is the best romantic comedy I have ever seen. I’ve since seen a pile of Korean romantic comedies and of course many more of Hollywood origin, but few come close. The nameless girl in My Sassy Girl is quirky, violent and rather abusive of her boyfriend Gyeon-woo. One of the key phrases of the movie is “Wanna die?”, which the girl will say to Gyeon-woo whenever she wants to have things her way. In one scene, they’re in a restaurant:

Waiter: What would you like?
Gyeon-woo: Coke, please.
The Girl: Wanna die? Drink coffee.

As a tribute to My Sassy Girl, I’ve made a t-shirt with the phrase in Korean: