Turkish Star Wars

I have just finshed watching the 1982 Turkish movie The Man Who Saves The World (a.k.a Turkish Star Wars) and I am appalled. This movie is so bad that it has an international cult following. I now understand why.

An evil wizard wants to conquer the earth and two courageous Turks try to stop him. A big wooden sword and a brain in a box are key elements in the magnificent plot. The space battles are made by using footage from Star Wars, but it is stretched (anamorphic) so that the death star looks like an egg instead of a moon. Most of the action sequences are set to the music of Indiana Jones and the monsters are made of toilet paper or red plush. Also, there’s a short lecture on Islam thrown into the middle of it all!

The whole movie with English subtitles is available on Google Video. Beware, watching this movie is painful!